An assistant sociology professor at the University of Memphis and self-described “Dirty South black feminist” has filled her Twitter feed with racist rants declaring white people terrorists just because of the color of their skin and, of course, the “privilege” that comes with that melanin.

Dr. Zandria Robinson, known at her blog as the New South Negress, was inflamed by the church shooting in Charleston and displayed her feelings about whites and the Confederate and American flags online. [Note: During the writing of this piece, Robinson suddenly protected her tweets, essentially wiping them away. It seems as if someone notified her employer, UofM, to call for her termination. Fortunately, the text was copied and is quoted below.]:

The flag thus is a direct symbol of race, class, gender, & sexuality oppression. We need a more nuanced intersectional reading of the thing.

This isn’t to say that the American flag does not represent such things, but the confederate flag only represents those things for whites.

White folks think that if they are nice to you they are above a critique of whiteness, white supremacy, or structural racism.

She has also had several retweets of note, even one from Twitter “God:”

But one tweet encapsulates Robinson’s entire worldview:

Whiteness is most certainly and inevitably terror.

At her blog, Robinson laments the “centuries-long battle against whiteness” and longs to “stop whiteness once and for all.” When speculating about a future Zombie Apocalypse or a Robot Apocalypse, while she is not sure exactly what that will be like or when that will be, she knows for sure that “there will be racist white zombies and racist white robots.”

Robinson claims to speak for all black southerners — “victims of white supremacy” — and encourages them to be ready for that day when “whiteness” brings the “coming violence” that will lead to those fictitious end time events. But until then, what vexes her the most is living in the present with the person wrapped in white flesh — or as she calls it, “the flesh of their terror.”

UPDATE: Robinson has been terminated. The university sent out the following message:

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