An African-American who was a long-time Confederate flag supporter died after reportedly being chased by a car and ran off the road following a flag rally.

The victim, 49-year-old Anthony Hervey, was found dead in a flipped-over 2005 Ford Explorer near Oxford, Miss., on Sunday and a passenger in the vehicle, Arlene Barnham, said that after leaving the pro-Confederate Flag “Monumental Dixie” rally, they were chased by a silver car which then swerved into their Explorer, causing it to crash.

“HELP! They after us,” Barnham posted on Facebook during the chase. “My vehicle inside down.”

“Anthony pinned in… gas leaking.”

The pair were both speakers at the rally and Hervey in particular was well-known for wearing a Confederate uniform in support of Southern heritage and for writing the book “Why I Wave the Confederate Flag: Written by a Black Man.”

The MacAlester News-Capital contacted the Mississippi Highway Patrol, which confirmed the accident but declined to give further details as the crash is still under investigation.

Although shocking, this incident is not surprising given the government-driven purge of the Confederate flag which has only stirred up racial tensions within America.

Not long after President Obama publicly attacked the Confederate flag, people were filming themselves stealing Confederate flags off of people’s private property.

This lunacy is possible because many Americans are completely ignorant of multifaceted history of the so-called Civil War, which was a war waged by the federal government against Southern states threatening to use the Tenth Amendment to secede.

Unfortunately, the ignorant routinely victimize well-educated individuals like Hervey who know history.




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