President Obama has glossed over the victims of the Chattanooga shooting because the event didn’t fit his racial divide agenda, Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke said yesterday.

In a Tweet sent Sunday afternoon, the sheriff described Obama’s mild reaction to Thursday’s shooting, in which five US service members died, as a mere “shoulder shrug.”

Sheriff Clarke went one step further, adding the administration chose not to grandstand on the incident because it didn’t fit their race war, divide and conquer initiative.

“Obama’s shoulder shrug on these brave soldiers massacred in TN is because none of them look like Trevon Martin.”

On Thursday afternoon, the president released a short statement blaming a “lone gunman” for the shootings, notably stopping short of labeling the incident a “radical islamic” terror attack.

In contrast, Obama gave much lengthier remarks back in 2013 following the shooting of Trayvon Martin, even going as far as to say the teen “could have been my son.”

Sheriff Clarke has been fiercely critical of the administration’s racial divide and conquer strategy in the past.

Speaking to the results of a poll which showed Americans believe race relations have worsened under Obama, Sheriff Clarke told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly the president secured reelection as a result of race-based politics.

“…President Obama has benefited from the divide and conquer strategy and has secured two successive electoral victories for the White House, but it’s been very destructive for America,” Sheriff Clarke said in the wake of the Ferguson fallout.

“He built that, and he being the President of the United States,” Sheriff Clarke continued. “Remember that statement, ‘You didn’t build that?’ Well, he built this racial divide. It was a wound that had been healing for a number of years, a number of decades I should say. And he reopened it with his divisive politics.”

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