Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King threatened to identify random officers in the Kenosha, Wisconsin police department, following the shooting of Jacob Blake earlier this week.

In a tweet Tuesday evening, King expressed frustration the department had not yet identified the officers seen on video shooting Blake as he refused to follow orders and reached into his vehicle.

“To the Kenosha Police Department,” King tweeted. “If you do not name the officer who brutally shot Jacob Blake on Sunday, we will simply begin naming officers from your department who may or may not be him.”

“Fuck it,” he added. “Your protection of his identity is unethical. What’s his name?”

One reason the department could be delaying the release of the officers’ identities could be to protect them and their families from retribution.

King, dubbed “Talcum X” by some on social media due to his identifying as a black man even though he’s white, has been hot on the case of trying to find out the names of the officers.

King also asked Tuesday morning, “What’s the name of the officer who shot Jacob Blake?”

“Lots of speculation. WHAT IS HIS NAME? That this man did THAT and we still aren’t 100% sure of his name is outrageous. That man is somewhere deleting all of his racist social media posts, cleaning up his whole life.”

King’s Twitter feed is also replete with posts showing various random officers who King thinks may have been involved in the shooting.

In another tweet King identified officer Luke Courtier, saying “Police could end this right now.”

“They are deliberately protecting the man who shot Jacob. What’s his name?” he asked.

On Wednesday, King also spread conspiracy theories claiming Kenosha police collaborated with “white supremacists” ahead of Tuesday night’s deadly shootings, driving protesters toward armed counter-protesters to be gunned down.

It’s unclear what King will do once he obtains the information he’s seeking.

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