Black Lives Matters protesters shut down a downtown Minneapolis interstate, in response to the police shooting of Jamar Clark who later died.

About 200 to 300 people took part in the protest, which closed traffic on Interstate 94 for about three hours Monday night, said Lt. Tiffany Schweigart, spokeswoman for the Minnesota State Police. Fifty-one people were arrested.

Protesters clashed not only with police, but with drivers, some angry enough to try forcing their way through the crowd on the roadway, according to CNN affiliate WCCO. When police arrived and started rerouting traffic off the interstate and unto secondary roads, protesters tried to block that action as well, forming a human chain across the detour.

Schweigart said police were able to clear the highway without force, but squad cars were damaged by rocks and bottles and one officer was slightly injured after being punched in the face by a protestor, who later fled the scene.

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