May 1, 2014

Fox Bros. Studios’ latest episode of their animated series Conrad the Constitution picks up where the Bundy Ranch showdown left off, satirizing what could have happened if the BLM had fired on American citizens.

Conrad buys land in Nevada only to find he owes the Bureau of Land Management grazing fees due to his pet bald eagle trespassing on federal land. When he refuses to pay off what he perceives to be “bandits,” the BLM comes back with tanks and begins firing on women and children, as the feds did in Waco and the Ruby Ridge standoff.

Screen grab via Youtube.
Screen grab via Youtube.

We’re big fans of these guys, but this takes it a little too far. We’re extremely glad what they’re portraying didn’t happen.

Infowars does not advocate violence. We advocate peaceful resistance and civil disobedience; we back the right to self defense and support the Second Amendment.

Here’s what really happened that historic day in the Nevadan desert, when hundreds of patriotic Americans stood up to a burgeoning federal bureaucracy:

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