Black Lives Matter supporters in New Albany, Indiana have defaced a statue depicting African American Lucy Higgs Nichols fleeing slavery with her infant daughter in her arms.

Higgs Nichols was a black woman who escaped slavery with her child and became a nurse in the Union Army, serving the Indiana 23rd Regiment.

The letters “BLM” were found spray-painted on the statue and covered Nichols’ face and the baby’s face with red paint.

Wave 3 News covered the story in the following news report:

The statue sits in front of New Albany’s 170-year-old Second Baptist Church.

Pastor LeRoy Marshall said, “This, this whole situation was really depressing for a lot of our church members. This is a slap in the face to everybody.”

A GoFundMe page made to help the church has raised enough money to cover a security camera system that will be installed within a week.

Learn more about the life of Lucy Higgs Nichols in the video below:

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