Kurt Nimmo
July 26, 2011

Craig Murray, a former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, is attempting to link up Anders Behring Breivik and the American Tea Party.

photoDupes for mass murder? Photo: Matthew Reichbach.

Murray notes the fact Breivik posted comments on the blog of the American neocon and Islamophobe Pamela Geller.

Breivik, we are told, hates Muslims, although we really don’t know much about the alleged killer outside of what the Norwegian government has told us. His first court appearance was closed to the media.

Next, Murray points out that Geller addressed the Tennessee Tea Party convention.

“Geller has been actively promoting links between the Tea Party and the English Defense League. Geller states on her website that she had been in Oslo to attend a pro-Israel rally. It would be interesting to know whether Anders Behring Breivik was also on that rally,” Murray writes on his blog.

“We are told that Behring Breivik acted alone. In truth he had ideological and communication links with organized far right networks every bit as solid as the comparable connections of Islamic terrorists,” he adds.

It should be pointed out that Murray is talking about the establishment Republican Tea Party, not the original Tea Party created by Libertarians and endorsed by Ron Paul that was hijacked and destroyed from within.

No self-respecting Libertarian would have anything to do with Geller and the warmongering neocons.

The English Defense League is basically a glorified hooligan gang that likes to butt heads at football matches. As the Guardian noted in 2003, these gangs have been infiltrated by British intelligence.

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Much of the so-called far right in Europe is infiltrated and compromised. British intelligence agents infiltrated the most popular German neo-Nazi outfit, the National Democratic party. The leader of the NPD, Adolf von Thadden, worked for MI6. In fact, it looks like the NPD was a creation of British intelligence. Thadden, called “the New Führer,” was on MI6’s payroll when the organization was founded in 1964.

Hal Turner, the notorious white supremacist, worked for the FBI. Since the 1960s, other American racist groups, including the Ku Klux Klan, have been subsidized, armed, directed and protected by the government.

In Murray’s fantasy, the establishment Republicans who now run the Tea Party are somehow connected to the psychopath patsy Breivik (or brainwashed dupe – we have no way of knowing for sure). He would have us believe formerly disenfranchised Republicans from Ohio and Florida have teamed up with street brawlers working for British intelligence.

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In the days since Breivik’s rampage, the corporate media and others under the voodoo spell of left-vs-right politics have attempted to establish a link between the alleged killer and the so-called “far right.” They tried the same thing when the mental case Jared Lee Loughner shot and wounded Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and killed a federal judge.

It now looks like we will never know the real story. Breivik’s lawyer says his client is insane. If he is determined to be insane, Breivik will probably disappear into the Norwegian psychiatric system and we will never hear from him again.

If that happens, only the official government version will survive, although it remains to be seen if lame efforts to connect Breivik to the Tea Party or Libertarian parties in Europe that politically threaten the EU and the one-world clique will pan out.

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