Violent crimes will skyrocket if Bloomberg’s gun control agenda is realized
February 10, 2014

Through a coalition designed to deceive the public, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is currently pushing for gun confiscations across America which will cause violent crimes against disarmed Americans to explode.

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg routinely uses mass media to propagate his agenda.
Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg routinely uses mass media to propagate his agenda.

Bloomberg’s ultimate goal for nationwide gun bans was recently revealed by Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Mayor John Tkazyik, who left Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns coalition after realizing it was simply a front to destroy gun rights.

Founded in 2006 by Bloomberg and former Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, Mayors Against Illegal Guns recruits U.S. mayors into its gun control agenda under the guise of “making communities safer” through gun control laws.

Yet as we’ve seen time and time again, gun control only encourages criminals who wantonly ignore laws to commit violence against defenseless Americans.

In Jan. 2013, over 42 people were murdered in Chicago, Ill., which has the strictest gun control laws in the country.

Chicago police seized over 7,400 guns used in crimes in 2012 alone even though only around 7,600 Chicago residents have firearm permits, clear proof that violent criminals do not obey gun laws.

Chicago’s politicians have practically granted criminals a subsidy by disarming the population, which makes it easier for criminals to beat, rape and kill residents. Bloomberg wants every city in America to be just like Chicago and he’s misleading the public into believing that gun control will make them safer.

Additionally, prisons will be filled with peaceful Americans who violated the victimless crimes that are gun control laws.

For example, a New Jersey judge sentenced former police officer Dustin S. Reininger to five years in prison after he was arrested in 2009 for carrying firearms in the back of his vehicle during his move from Maine to Texas.

Even though federal law provides safe passage for a driver transporting firearms through a restrictive jurisdiction such as New Jersey, the jury never heard about the law during Reininger’s trial. An appeals court also claimed that the law didn’t apply in his case because the SUV he was driving did not have a trunk.

This is what Bloomberg wants in America: citizens such as Reininger to be victimized by both the system and by criminals.

Others have also been victimized throughout history as governments around the world passed gun control laws to disarm and later oppress their populations.

In 1929, the Soviet Union enacted gun control and over the next 25 years, around 20 million disarmed dissidents were rounded up and killed. Germany also established gun control in 1938 and by 1945, at least 13 million defenseless people were murdered.

The Nazis also inherited gun registration lists from the Weimar Republic which allowed them to quickly disarm their political opposition and cement their control over Germany.

New York City began using the same tactic over 75 years later to send out notices to registered gun owners demanding that they turn in their firearms.

Because the gun registry was already in place prior to New York’s latest gun control law, all the New York Police Dept. had to do was compile a list of newly-banned firearms and identify which residents owned them.

Bloomberg wants similar gun confiscations to happen across America and he will use lies and deception to achieve his goal.

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