President Trump’s approval numbers went up during the weekend CBS ran a “60 Minutes” Stormy Daniels “tell-all” interview, according to CNN’s own poll.

The poll, conducted between March 22-25, showed that 42% approved of Trump’s performance as president, up from 7 points since last month.

During the same period the poll was conducted, the mainstream media was in high gear with the porn star’s claims that she had a one-time affair with the president in 2006.

Daniels’ “60 Minutes” interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper aired on Sunday.

It’s worth noting that these results come from CNN’s own polling.

As we reported, nobody cares about the Stormy Daniels story except for the corporate media, who failed to take down Trump with the bogus Russia collusion narrative, the obstruction of justice narrative, and the suggestion that Trump is mentally unfit to serve.

But CNN’s poll doesn’t reflect that. Instead, it reflects the Stormy Daniels story could have actually improved Trump’s rating!

That’s likely because most people don’t find consensual sex between a beautiful woman and a notorious billionaire playboy all that shocking, or relevant to Trump’s current role as President of the United States.

CNN even admitted that Trump’s highest numbers came from his “America First” economic platform — probably because that’s what middle America actually cares about.

“The President’s strongest approval ratings on the issues come on the economy, the only issue tested where his reviews tilt more positive than negative: 48% approve and 45% disapprove,” CNN reported Monday.


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