The Democratic National Committee is deep in debt while the GOP received record donations for a midterm election year.

According to data from Soros-connected nonprofit organization ProPublica, the Republican National Committee collected $13 million in April, well ahead of the DNC which only received under $7.8 million in donations, the lowest midterm figure for that month since 2006.

Furthermore, the GOP has a total of $43.8 million in its coffers, while the Democrats only received about $8.7 million for the midterms.

“Another month of record-breaking fundraising confirms what many in the mainstream media are ignoring: Americans are doing better under Republican leadership. Our country has more jobs, a growing economy, and higher wages, thanks to President Trump and Republicans in Congress,” RNC Chair Ronna Romney said last month.

“With our strong grass-roots support, we will continue to work with the president and Republicans in Congress to build upon these achievements.”

Earlier this month, CNN admitted in a piece entitled “For Dems, blue wave is now a trickle,” that Democrats were in trouble by noting that primaries in Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, and North Carolina indicated that “Republican candidates who embraced President Trump and his ‘drain the swamp’ message came out on top.”

For once, President Trump agreed with the Fake News Network’s assessment.

“The Republican Party had a great night. Tremendous voter energy and excitement, and all candidates are those who have a great chance of winning in November,” Trump tweeted.

“The Economy is sooo strong, and with Nancy Pelosi wanting to end the big Tax Cuts and Raise Taxes, why wouldn’t we win?”


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