German companies, including BMW, are pulling ads from in response to the Kein Geld Für Rechts (No Money For the Right) movement spearheaded by social justice warriors on Twitter.

Deutsche Telekom, which operates as T-Mobile in the U.S., said it “very much regrets” its ads appearing on Breitbart after the German newspaper Deutsche Welle claimed the conservative outlet “is often branded a far-right hate site.”

The cellular company “does not tolerate discriminatory actions or statements in any way,” a company representative said. “We reacted immediately, taken the ads off and put the site on a blacklist.”

Additionally, the German food chain Vapiano, which owns Italian restaurants across the U.S., claimed “the positions held by contrast with Vapiano’s values, such as openness and tolerance.”

These German companies have joined the ranks of Kellogg’s and other multinational corporations attempting to eradicate anyone who questions the globalist narrative promoted by the mainstream media.

In response, Breitbart is interviewing European journalists for its upcoming field offices in France and Germany amid the exploding populist movements in Europe and increased interest in the popular conservative site.

It’s ironic how German companies are claiming Breitbart is a “hate site” for publishing articles showcasing the extinction of German culture as waves of Muslim migrants who won’t assimilate flood the country at the behest of Chancellor Angela Merkel.

But here’s the flaw in their argument: there’s a difference between race and culture.  Just because many Germans – and Italians, Hungarians, and Swedes – want to protect their national identity doesn’t make them “white nationalists.”

It’s funny how the far left promotes multiculturalism yet claims people who defend their own cultures are “racists.”

“…What they want to do is suggest that if you’re proud of your country and the ideals on which your country is founded, that makes you a racist. It doesn’t,” Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos told BBC’s James Cook in an interview. “I’m not talking about skin color, I don’t care about skin color; all my boyfriends are black – I don’t give a toss about skin color.”

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