Unhinged leftists suffering from Trump derangement syndrome are continuing to suggest that Melania Trump is missing, has separated the President, or has even been killed off by Trump himself in a bizarre display of conspiracizing.

Following obsessive and inaccurate speculation regarding the whereabouts of Melania by CNN, leftists are continuing to run wild with the theories.

Melania appeared last night at a reception for Gold Star families, which was closed to the press.

Nevertheless, footage of the first lady with the President was obtained and posted online:

Reports confirmed that Trump even referenced the conspiracy theories, noting that Melania was well and sat in the front row, and confirming that she hadn’t left him.

The unhinged leftists spewing the conspiracy theories were not convinced, however.

Some even suggested that the person in the footage is a body double for Melania:


In a segment on The Late Show, Stephen Colbert weighed in on the matter, fueling the conspiracy theories.

“Where the hell is Melania?!?” Colbert teased before the first commercial break, then later launching into a skit about Melania being missing.

While Colbert’s coverage can be passed off as lighthearted, the same cannot be said of CNN’s, which is prompting other media outlets into indulging in the same fantasies:


In a piece titled ‘Melania Trump and the Fantasies of the Left’, Alex Wagner of The Atlantic notes “Though the curiosity may be genuine, the theorizing also reflects Melania’s role as a magnet for the fever dreams of tumult and chaos among Trump’s opponents.”

The Double standard has also not gone unnoticed:

Wherever unhinged leftists dwell, you can always trust the internet to bring them back in line:

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