A body language expert who analyzed a video shot by Alex Jones and his son Rex last week concluded the pair exhibit an exemplary father-son relationship.

Jones and his son last week squelched rumors spread by the mainstream media that Rex had been coached and pushed out into the limelight at the behest of his father, after a video created by Rex challenging anti-gun student David Hogg to a debate went viral.

The expert, Bombard’s Body Language, comments that Rex is comfortable, confident and at ease beside his father, and assesses he doesn’t appear to be forced or coerced.

“This is a good relationship. If you’re a father… this is a good relationship, your daughter should react this way to you, your sons should react this way to you.”

Rex joins Alex at one point as he begins to sing John Williams’ Imperial March from the Star Wars films, indicating to the body language expert they have a great relationship.

“That is a daddy’s boy right there. He’s really happy. It warms my heart. It brings a tear to my eye, seriously. It’s just really nice to see. These days so many people are into this whole ridiculousness of what they think parenting is that when you see something like this, it’s like, ‘Finally, how to be normal.'”

Rex, 15, issued a challenge to debate Parkland student and leader of the anti-gun Never Again movement David Hogg, 18, last month, asserting Hogg did not speak for his entire generation.

“I, Rex Jones, would like to publicly challenge you to debate me. Name a time, name the place, name the venue. I will do it,” he stated.

Hogg has not accepted the challenge to debate Jones.

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