Kurt Nimmo
January 12, 2010

If you have business at the courthouse in Castle Rock, Colorado, be prepared to be subjected to a body scan. “Visitors and employees must now walk through a contraption many are used to seeing at airports, hold their hands up and wait to have a 3-D holographic image of their body snapped,” ABC News in Denver reported on June 11, 2008, well before the Christmas underwear non-bomber event and the current wave of government and corporate media spawned irrationality and hysteria designed to escalate Gestapo tactics in airports and acclimate citizens to the evolving police state.

las vegas

Police respond to a shooting rampage at a federal courthouse in Las Vegas on January 4, 2010. Events like this may be used to call for body scanners in public buildings.

“It’s not quite space age but it is definitely cutting-edge technology. The Douglas County Sheriff’s office said a body scanner and metal detector are both incorporated in the machine making it one of the first in the nation.”

[efoods]The Denver news station insisted the machine is completely harmless. However, according to Mike Adams, the energy emitted by the machines may damage human DNA. Adams cites a study conducted by Boian S. Alexandrov and his colleagues at the Center for Nonlinear Studies at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico showed that these terahertz waves could “unzip double-stranded DNA, creating bubbles in the double strand that could significantly interfere with processes such as gene expression and DNA replication.” In short, the machines may pose a threat to human health.

Beyond the health problems, the fact the machine was installed a full two years prior to the underwear non-bomber incident reveals that body scanners have nothing to do with preventing terrorism — the machines are the next wave of control grid technology. The corporate media blitz underway is an effort to condition the public to accept government hirelings gawking at their private parts. Body scanners are about submission, not preventing terrorism.

It is also significant because we are told the machines will be confined to airports. In fact, the machines will ultimately be installed not only in courthouses – the recent violence at a courthouse in Las Vegas and an earlier incident at a Holocaust museum in Washington may be cited (the latter shooter was described as a 9/11 truth activist by the corporate media) – but in all public places, including train and bus stations (recall the TSA searching bus passengers in Florida) and malls.

In fact, we are one false flag incident away from this. In October, federal authorities claimed a man in Massachusetts planned to “launch a terrorist attack on a shopping mall in which he and his fellow conspirators would mow down civilians with automatic weapons.”

Video: Alex Jones calls for mass resistance to airport body scanners:

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