Bodycam video released by the Chicago Police Department Sunday exonerated an officer involved in the shooting of an armed 37-year-old black man.

The shooting, which resulted in violent protests over the weekend, came after Harith Augustus, a local barber nicknamed “Snoop,” reached for a gun Saturday during a confrontation with police.

Video shows Augustus attempting to flee after refusing to be detained by officers.

“When they approached him, he tried to push their hands away,” Patrol Chief Fred Waller said.

A freeze frame from the footage shows a holstered firearm and magazine on Augustus’ hip as he fights with police on scene.

Just moments after Augustus can be seen reaching for the firearm.

“He started flailing and swinging away, trying to make his escape,” Waller said. “And as he was making his escape, reached for his weapon.”

A lack of information directly after the shooting did not stop locals from accusing the police of wrongdoing.

Demonstrators were heard shouting “no justice, no peace” and “murderer” during large protests on Sunday.

Numerous videos from the protest shows police and demonstrators clashing over the alleged injustice.

Reports also indicated that protesters threw rocks and bottles at officers throughout the event.

Police say four individuals were arrested that evening.

As part of department protocol, the officer responsible for the shooting has been placed on 30 days of administrative duty.

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