Kurt Nimmo
December 20, 2013

House Speaker and Ohio Republican John Boehner has called for a one year delay in the individual mandate under the Obamacare bill. Boehner made the suggestion on Friday following the Obama administration’s announcement it would exempt people who had their policies canceled under the law.

“With this latest delay, the Obama administration is once again admitting that the president’s health care law is unworkable and unaffordable,” Boehner said in a statement. “Millions have lost the plans they liked, only to find themselves priced out of new policies with higher premiums and out-of-pocket costs.”

“The administration’s action does nothing to address the problems at the center of the president’s health care law, or to help the families suffering its consequences. All Americans deserve a hardship exemption from this train wreck of a law, and a focus on patient-centered reforms that will help lower costs and protect jobs.”

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor also called for a suspension.

“Our entire health care system can’t be fundamentally changed at any given time subject to the random impulses of President Obama,” Canton declared in an earlier statement. “How can anyone make health care decisions today knowing that the law may be unilaterally changed again tomorrow? Republicans have consistently asked for a one year delay of the mandates for all Americans, and put forward a proposal to allow American families to keep their health plans. The White House actions clearly prove ObamaCare can’t work as designed. It’s time for ObamaCare to be delayed for all.”

In August, Boehner warned Republicans to not shut down the government in an effort to stop the implementation of Obamacare.

Earlier this month the Speaker criticized the tea party faction in the House for shutting down the government. He predicted the effort may result in Democrats regaining control of the House of Representatives.

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