Kurt Nimmo
January 10, 2011

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As Democrats muster to assault the First and Second Amendments in the wake of the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and others in Arizona, a tidal wave of information about the alleged shooter is now finding its way into the media.

Fox News reports on DHS effort to portray Loughner as a rightwing extremist.

Democrats and liberal talking heads have taken Rahm Emanuel’s maxim to heart – never let good crisis go to waste – and are attempting to portray Jared Lee Loughner as a rightwinger who shot Giffords because she is a Democrat and Obamacare supporter. In fact, the truth is the exact opposite.

Classmates describe Loughner as a “leftwing pothead” who was a disruptive presence in class. In a Tweet, fellow student Caitie Parker said the accused gunman was “quite liberal” and a “political radical.” He listed Hitler’s Mein Kampf and Marx’s Communist Manifesto as his favorite books.

He also subscribed to the liberal religion of animal rights. Loughner worked as a volunteer at the Pima Animal Care Center in Tucson, according to reports.

But it was not simply leftist radicalism and worship of diehard socialists like Marx and Hitler that motivated Loughner. It turns out he was also into the occult.

“Hidden within a camouflage tent behind Jared Lee Loughner’s home sits an alarming altar with a skull sitting atop a pot filled with shriveled oranges,” reports the New York Daily News today. “Experts on Sunday said the elements are featured in the ceremonies of a number of occult groups.”

Human skulls and animal sacrifice are important elements in the pagan religion of Santería, also known as voodoo. Fruit also plays an important part in Santería rituals.

In addition, Loughner claimed to be a homosexual. In posts on the uber-liberal website Daily Kos, he wrote: “Not a single issue voter, but if I was, gay rights would be it. I just want Democrats to be tough. And I wish Obama were tougher. That’s all. I’m a proud gay!” His Daily Kos handle was “Boy Blue.”

According to news and talk radio station WCBM in Maryland, Daily Kos attempted to scrub Loughner’s comments. “The leftists at the Obama-supporting Daily Kos tried to cover up Loughner’s leftist leanings, and wasted no time in deleting his page from their website, but I was able to grab it from the Google cache,” explains a post on the website.

Regardless of all this, the liberal corporate media insists on portraying Loughner as a conservative.

“Loughner echoes concerns of Tea Party movement,” the Guardian declared over the weekend.

The corporate media has strived to link Loughner’s actions to Sarah Palin, the diva of the manufactured Tea Party movement. In election season campaign literature, Palin’s PAC used gun sights on a map of the United States illustrating regions of the country to be “targeted” by establishment Republicans.

Liberal fount AlterNet pointed to Loughner’s disjointed rants about currency in order to make the case he is a dangerous gold and silver “radical.” Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center argued that the idea of constitutional money was responsible for “so much violence in the 1990s. It’s linked to the core Patriot theory that the Federal Reserve is actually a private corporation run for the benefit of unnamed international bankers.”

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On Sunday, the media attempted to connect Loughner to “an anti-Semitic, anti-government hate group that has ads for tea party organizations on its website,” according to the liberal website Politico. “The group’s website features what appear to be paid advertisements for tea party versions of the ‘don’t tread on me’ flag.”

The Tea Party did not invent the Gadsden Flag. The flag was designed by and is named after American general and statesman Christopher Gadsden. It was also used by the United States Marine Corps as an early motto flag.

The unsubstantiated connection to a purported racist organization was made by the Department of Homeland Security in order to minimize the emerging portrait of the killer as a deranged leftist and set the stage for efforts to curtail political speech in the United States. The DHS leaked a memo containing the accusation to the corporate media on Sunday.

In 2009, a DHS report on “rightwing extremism” was leaked to the media. It attempted to link patriot groups to violence, racism, and white supremacy.

The corporate media is now engaged in a frontal assault against the First Amendment and political speech. According to U.S. News & World Report, it would be “folly to treat the shooting as though it had nothing to do with the sort of violence-themed and inciteful rhetoric employed by some leaders and followers of the Tea Party.”

According to the New York Times’ in-house Keynesian and unabashed worshipper of the state, Paul Krugman, we should not be surprised by the shooting. “When you heard the terrible news from Arizona, were you completely surprised? Or were you, at some level, expecting something like this atrocity to happen?” It is the “eliminationist rhetoric” (sic) of the Republicans and Tea Party movement, according to Krugman, that led to the murder of an innocent child and others in Arizona.

In addition to trashing the Second Amendment, liberals and Democrats are calling for rolling back the First Amendment in response to the shooting.

Rep. Bob Brady, a Pennsylvania Democrat, says he plans to introduce a bill criminalizing the use of certain forms of “threatening imagery” against lawmakers and judges, according to Raw Story. “Direct threats against presidents are already punishable by law, but the criminalization of forms of imagery are likely to raise important questions about free speech and First Amendment rights,” Sahil Kapur notes.

“Speaking to Fox News, the father of the 9-year-old girl killed as a result of Loughner’s rampage commendably labeled the tragic events a ‘random act’ and said that the death of his daughter should not be exploited to revoke freedoms,” Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson write today.

Democrats and liberals, however, should not be expected to heed Mr. Green’s warning. The violent and senseless act of a deranged man who was all over the board politically will be used to demonize and eventually criminalize the political speech of ideological enemies of Democrats and the state.

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It will also be used by the government to make the case that Americans should not be allowed to exercise the Second Amendment because they will gun down a political class doing the bidding of international bankers propagandists like Mark Potok insist do not exist.

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