Hillary Clinton’s ties to satanic rituals and the occult have been well-documented for decades.

Clinton insider Larry Nichols told Infowars that Hillary Clinton used to attend a “witch’s church” in Los Angeles during Bill’s presidency.

And a source claimed many FBI agents consider Clinton to be “the Antichrist personified.”

Also, DC insider Doug Hagmann broke the news that the NYPD found a blackmail sex network on Anthony Weiner’s computer.

Furthermore, the latest bombshell to come from WikiLeaks connects Clinton campaign head John Podesta to top occultist Marina Abramovic.

Infowars reporter Paul Joseph Watson breaks down the “spirit cooking” ritual:

The Clinton Satanic network has now been exposed on a national level thanks to WikiLeaks.

Abramovic in particular invited Podesta to a “spirit cooking” dinner, an occult ritual started by infamous Satanist Aleister Crowley, which involves eating semen, blood and breast milk.

Here are some examples of what a “spirit cooking” dinner with Marina Abramovic looks like:

Another email from WikiLeaks even shows Abramovic being invited to Hillary Clinton’s campaign launch party.

The Drudge Report linked this article at the top of the site propelling the hashtag #SpiritCooking to the top of Twitter’s trending hashtag section.

The internet exploded this morning after the news broke.

When you click on the top trending hashtag #SpiritCooking on Twitter, Hillary Clinton’s page comes up:

Here’s Abramovic pictured hanging out with top musicians Jay-Z and Lady Gaga.

Alex Jones has been proven right about the Clinton’s connections to Satanism:

Also, Infowars reporter David Knight investigates Marina Abramovic and her ties to the Clinton campaign:

And Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta is involved in satanic rituals:

Learn more about Clinton’s demonic fetish below:

During the RNC in Cleveland, Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson called out Clinton on her luciferian ties.

Similarly, an article from CNN in 1996 discusses Hillary’s affiliation with dark magic.

More information on that article can be found here.

Bill Clinton’s book My Life: The Early Years describes their trips to Haiti where they participated in “voodoo rituals.”

So far, all these revelations has hurt the Clinton campaign and Hillary is already losing voters.

Ironically, the media attacked Alex Jones for calling Hillary a demon:

Also, check out occult expert Mark Dice’s latest videos on the subject since the news broke:

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