Migrants are responsible for a 92% increase in reported violent crimes in Germany during 2015 and 2016, according to a university criminologist study.

The study, carried out by criminologists at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, researched the increase in violent crime in Germany over the past two years.

Integration options are the best chance of preventing violent crime, “such as language courses, sports, and practical apprenticeships,” say the researchers.

“For this it would be advisable to invest public money that could help those affected to promote their professional qualifications,” researcher Sorem Kliem told Deutsche Welle.

“At the same time money should be invested in development aid in the countries of origin so that people a) are not driven to flee and b) the returnees do not lack prospects in their home countries.”

In other words, German taxpayers should pay to “develop” North African countries so that they won’t continue to flood into Europe despite EU globalist groups deliberately smuggling them in.

Additionally, the study found that “less than a quarter” of the migrants were women, which was a contributing factor to the spike in violent crime because it causes the men to “orient themselves toward violence-legitimizing manliness norms.”

Violent sex crimes are so routine in Europe now that authorities in Berlin had to erect a “safe zone” on New Year’s Eve to protect German women from sex-crazed migrants.

The globalists know these facts, which is why George Soros-backed NGOs are smuggling them in from North Africa by the thousands, to destabilize European society and ultimately overthrow Western civilization.

This is evidenced by a European Commission-backed study, showing that only 1.4% of migrants arriving in Italy from the Mediterranean Sea were actual refugees from Syria and Iraq, confirming the majority were economic migrants coming from North Africa.

The U.N even began evacuating North African migrants to Italy from Libya last December due to “deteriorating detention centers” and slave auction blocks that wouldn’t have even existed had not former President Obama and Hillary Clinton destabilized Libya in 2011.

“Migrant smuggling has flourished since the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, with more than 600,000 making the perilous journey across the central Mediterranean in four years,” reported Reuters last month.


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