A senior editor of a leftist publication mocked House Majority Whip Steve Scalise’s (R-La.) calls for civility in politics.

Scalise, who was shot and nearly killed last year by a deranged leftist during a congressional baseball practice, tweeted Monday that the left’s threats of violence against Republican politicians must stop.

“These vicious threats have to stop. This cannot be the new normal—there is absolutely no place for violence in our political discourse. Democratic leaders need to denounce this behavior,” he wrote.

Martin Cizmar, Raw Story’s senior editor, mocked Scalise’s calls for civility, saying, “Boo hoo, little baby.”

Rather than apologize or reevaluate his thoughtless tweet, Cizmar doubled down, arguing with Twitter users that Scalise was an “accomplice” to his own shooting.

Scalise was shot in June 2017 after Bernie Sanders supporter James T. Hodgkinson opened fire on a group of Republican senators during baseball practice in Alexandria, Virigina.

Immediately following the shooting, CNN spoke with friends of Hodgkinson, who said he was “just tired of politics” without any pushback by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

The violence against Scalise, and the left’s ongoing intimidation and doxxing campaign against GOP politicians over everything from Trump’s border policy to Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, is showing no signs of letting up.

On the contrary, the left has vowed to ramp up its threats of violence and intimidation against anybody who doesn’t adhere to their worldview.

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