If Republicans manage to secure a majority in the Senate it may result in boots on the ground and a no-fly zone in Syria.

In November Republicans need to gain only six seats to control the Senate.

The move to send troops into Syria will be spearheaded by Arizona Sen. John McCain, a neocon who has long called for direct intervention in the country and removal of its leader, Bashar al-Assad.

McCain is slotted to become chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee in January. The committee exercises legislative oversight of the nation’s military, including the Department of Defense. Fellow war neocon Lindsey Graham also sits on the influential committee.

“Frankly, I know of no military expert who believes we are going to defeat ISIS with this present strategy,” McCain told the Pacific Council on International Policy conference on Saturday. The organization acts as the foreign policy wing of the Council on Foreign Relations.

“We may be able to ‘contain,’ but to actually defeat ISIS is going to require more boots on the ground, more vigorous strikes, more special forces, further arming the Kurdish peshmerga forces and creating a no-fly zone and buffer zone in Syria,” McCain added.

Just In Time: ISIS Forms Pathetic Air Force

Recent news reports claim ISIS now has a budding air force. Last week Reuters reported Iraqi pilots are training ISIS members to fly captured fighter jets.

“They have trainers, Iraqi officers who were pilots before for (former Iraqi president) Saddam Hussein,” Rami Abdulrahman, who runs the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, told the news agency. Abdulrahman is a Syrian “rebel” operative with direct access to Britain’s Foreign Secretary, William Hague.

Brandon Turbeville notes the suspicious timing of the unlikely possibility of an ISIS air force and proposals for a no-fly zone over Syria.

“Either ISIS has the absolute dumbest public relations personnel in world history, or the actions of ISIS are directly controlled by NATO for propaganda, geopolitical, and military purposes. The timing of ISIS’ actions – always in line with the goals of the NATO faction of the world oligarchy – is clearly the result of the latter,” Turbeville wrote on October 20.

“With this in mind, one should take any reports claiming to show that ISIS is flying fighter jets over Syria with a grain of salt and a healthy dose of skepticism, if not outright disdain. When the U.S., NATO, and the GCC are ready to stop ISIS, they will stop funding and directing them.”

Prior to the overstated threat of ancient MiGs commandeered by ISIS, the primary source of establishment war propaganda, The New York Times, reported the Obama administration had not ruled out establishing a Syrian no-fly zone “to protect civilians from airstrikes by the Syrian government.”

A similar pretext was used in Libya to impose a no-fly zone and empower U.S.-backed rebels in their quest to overthrow the government of Muammar Gaddafi. The United Nations Security Council approved measure in part allowed the mercenaries to ultimately capture and brutally assassinate Gaddafi.

Libya is now considered a failed state, as Syria will be after the U.S. and the Wahhabi Gulf Emirates overthrow and either exile or murder the Shiite Bashar al-Assad.

In 2013 The Wall Street Journal—euphemistically called the War Street Journal during Bush’s Iraq invasion—called for not only overthrowing al-Assad, but murdering him, his brother Maher and wife Asma, and apparently his children, Hafez, Zein and Karim.

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