Amid public opinion polls that have border security as a top concern for Texans, Republican Greg Abbott put out a TV ad hearkening his plan to secure the southern front. His opponent, Democrat Wendy Davis, meanwhile, shot back after a campaign stop that she wants to adopt a localized strategy.

“Together we can secure our border, keeping Texans safe from drug cartels and gangs that are importing crime to our state,” Abbott says in the 30 second ad revealed Monday.

A voice-over adds: “Barack Obama won’t secure the border, but Greg Abbott will,” as a picture of President Obama flashes up. “He’ll double the funding for the Department of Public Safety — and hire 500 more state troopers — for border security,” the voice-over says.

In the past, Abbott, the state’s attorney general, has said he is the only candidate who has a plan to secure the border.

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