The threat posed by jihadist Islamic State terrorists towards America is belied by the fact that the federal government has done little to secure the nation’s porous southern border.

For months several politicians speculated that terrorists could exploit holes in the border which scores of illegal aliens from other countries were easily bypassing, but a report by government watchdog group Judicial Watch demonstrated the threat was not to be taken lightly.

Prior to James O’Keefe crossing the border wearing an Osama Bin Laden mask, Infowars reporters traveling to El Paso, Texas, witnessed first hand (above) how the border is virtually unguarded and basically runs on an honor system.

A month later, Infowars went to Hereford, Arizona, where reporter Joe Biggs demonstrated how gaps between large barricades could effortlessly be exploited.

If the Obama administration is genuinely concerned with an ISIS threat, wouldn’t it make sense for them to beef up security at the nation’s most regularly penetrated entryway?

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