David Iaconangelo
Latin Times
August 21, 2013

After the US Department of Justice closed investigations into the shooting deaths of Carlos LaMadrid and Ramses Barron-Torres without filing charges against Arizona Border Patrol agents, LaMadrid’s mother Guadalupe Guerrero told the Arizona Daily Star that she would sue the government in federal court. “We will continue to demand justice,” Guadalupe Guerrero told reporters during a news conference in Tucson on Monday as she stood before a mural of her son. LaMadrid, 19, a US citizen from the Arizona town of Douglas, was shot four times in March 2011 as he tried to flee Border Patrol into Mexico.

The Douglas Police Department (DPD) had received a call saying a gold Chevrolet Avalanche – LaMadrid’s truck – had been loaded with suspicious bundles. Officers followed the truck as LaMadrid drove it to the border with Mexico, got up and tried to scale a ladder over the fence. According to the Justice Department, another man who was with LaMadrid at the time hurled brick-sized rocks at the pursuing Border Patrol agent, causing him to open fire. Border Patrol agents are authorized to use deadly force when they or someone else are in danger of being killed; rocks fall under the category of objects which could be potentially lethal.

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