Friday morning’s CNN Newsroom ended on quite the interesting note as co-host and former Obama official Jim Sciutto brought on U.S. Border Patrol Chief Carla Provost to discuss the tsunami of illegal immigrants crossing into the country and, needless to say, Provost brought the heat and some takes that CNN viewers probably haven’t heard as much as they maybe should.

Sciutto began with quite the stunning take without any snarky side comments: “The numbers at the border of asylum seekers just off the charts. This fiscal year could surpass 900,000 people, first time since the mid-2000s.”

Now, that’s quite the problem!

Responding to a question about why that’s happening, Provost explained that this has been a slow build, but “[e]ver since families have heard the word that if you bring a child, you will be released, so they’re talking to their family members, smugglers are encouraging them” and that this is being confirmed in interviews with illegal immigrants.

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Sciutto did invoke the President in his next question to wonder if he’s contributed to the surge:

Does the show of force at the border, deployment of troops, and even the President’s rhetoric, some of which I’m sure they have heard, does that affect the dynamic at all? Do some people come imagining, well, I better come now because the policy may change? Or is it just down to the smugglers.

Without hesitation, Provost brushed that aside, arguing instead that “[i]t’s down to the smugglers”because they “are telling them to come” even though it’s really a money-making scheme for this ruthless smugglers.

“They are looking at this, they look at the migrants as a commodity and they put them at risk. They’re not telling the families how dangerous of a journey it’s going to be along the way, and they truly don’t care about them. They care about the money that they’re making,” she added.

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