Rob O’Dell and Bob Ortega
The Arizona Republic
February 17, 2014

A scruffy dirt road runs along the U.S. border fence here, up and down several hilly, rugged blocks in the gritty, cartel-dominated Buenos Aires neighborhood. Anyone standing on higher ground here can watch the white-and-green Border Patrol vehicles on the U.S. side and see where the agents are at any moment.

This is where the rocks come from.

A short stretch across the fence from this road, just a few hundred yards long, is perhaps the onespot along the entire U.S.-Mexico border where Border Patrol agents are most likely to be attacked with rocks and to respond with force.

Roughly one in every six incidents along the 2,000-mile U.S.-Mexico border in which agents used force against rock throwers in recent years occurred here, across the fence from three adjacent streets leading to the fence in Nogales, Ariz., an investigation by The Arizona Republic has found.

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