November 20, 2008

Some two hundred Border Patrol agents are being trained to respond to sticky situations.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

A select few border patrol agents are getting advanced training to respond to situations that can quickly escalate.
Part of their training involves going through tear-gas.

Agents have the ability to use grenades with tear-gas for riot control.

But they need to know the effects tear gas has before they decide to use the grenades.

Those teaching the class say they feel they’re passing on valuable skills that can save people’s lives.

“We actually enjoy doing this training because it does give me the comfort of knowing all these agents are going through the training so when I need somebody, I can rely on these individuals, I know that they know what they’re doing.”

The goal is to train all Border Patrol agents.

Next week we’ll bring you a special report on the vigorous training the agents are getting.

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