Boris Johnson today made clear he would not ‘take the knee’ with Black Lives Matter protesters – insisting people should not be ‘bullied’ into making ‘gestures’.

The PM said he was focused on the ‘substance’ of changing social attitudes and improving opportunities for ethnic minorities.

The comments, in a phone-in on LBC radio, came after Dominic Raab said last month that he would not personally ‘take the knee’ – a demonstration of support that has swept the world since the death of George Floyd in the US.

Professor Mendicide has has unleashed the awesome riotous power of Race-a-saures Rex onto Grunyon Oaks. The monster is cancelling products from store shelves, destroying monuments and leveling buildings named after canceled leaders. Can anything stop this most powerful virtue signal?

The Foreign Secretary faced a backlash after saying it seemed to be a symbol of ‘subjugation’ and the only two people he knelt for were the Queen and his wife when he proposed.

Pressed this morning on whether he would ‘take the knee’, Mr Johnson said: ”I don’t believe in gestures. I believe i substance. I believe in doing things that make a practical difference.’

He cited his record as London mayor on improving diversity, saying there had been significant improvements in the past decade, and stressed he wanted to get more black representation in the Cabinet.

‘That what I want to see,’ Mr Johnson said. ‘I would rather see a story of championing success and taking about the opportunities that we can open.’

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