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April 21, 2013

An analyst says the Boston bombing was a false flag and US powers have used it to hide the Obama criminal verdict and ram through Bills that strip rights and freedoms.

In the background of this a bomb went off in Boston United States at the Boston marathon killing three and injured more than 170 others. Two suspects caught media attention. One was killed by police in a shootout. The second suspect escaped and was hunted down and now lies in critical condition in hospital unable to speak. The parents of one of the Boston bombing suspects in an interview have denied their son’s role in the blast and the mother says her sons were set up by US secret service.

Press TV has interviewed Alex Jones of in Austin about this issue. What follows is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: Tell us your take on this situation. It seems we have so much information coming out and contradictions. What’s your take on the situation and what the fathers of the young men have said?

Jones: (after reconnection after audio difficulties) If you’ve studied past intelligence operations and you’ve seen how Western governments have done this before, this is a classic false flag, a classic self-inflicted wound, a staged event.

If you look at the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, that was clearly staged and I’ve investigated that deeply.

They had a lot of different patsies and groups there that believed they were taking part in a drill. And we know that there was a drill at the Boston marathon and at the end of the Boston marathon there were defense department personnel and contractors swarming around with black backpacks so that in case the police saw something suspicious, the bomb wouldn’t be stopped.

I predicted that once they showed these patsies’ faces a few nights ago that they would both end up dead – and right now the other patsy they say is now in critical condition.

When someone’s not trained in this it’s hard to know what really happened, but when you study it…

Press TV: We are in the middle of the news bulletin, but what could be possible reasons that the US government would want to do a false flag operation like this with this situation?

Jones: They want a political diversion from the Congressional Committee that ruled the day before that George W. Bush and Barak Obama are guilty of war crimes and treason for ordering ongoing torture at torture camps all over the world – that was even in the New York Times.

It also becomes a political diversion and allows the security state to set up checkpoint and really a type of soft martial law around the country.

This has all the hallmarks of a false flag operation and we have the photos, hundreds of them and videos of contractors all around where the bomb went off and then removing themselves about a minute before the bombs actually go off.

And the FBI has a long history of provocateur-ing people to go out and carry out bombings and also of setting people up.

Press TV: Do you think that’s it’s possible that we’re going to actually – because we know about various false flag operations that you have mentioned before – Do you think that this is something that will actually come out; that the average American in the United States will come to realize or understand that it’s a false flag operation?

Jones: Yes. Most Americans I talk to already understand that it has all the signs of a staged event. The problem is that the power structures have control so no one will be brought to justice and they will use this to abolish the Bill of Rights Constitution; they also used it to ram through the internet censorship Bill yesterday.

So they’re using this for a lot of reasons and they also used it to take over the City of Boston – never before happened, lock it down under martial law – this is all about a police state power grab and government-staged false flags from Hitler to Clinton.

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