Boston Police commander Robert Ciccolo knew something was going terribly wrong with his son Alexander at least a decade before 23-year-old was arrested by the FBI this month on charges connected to an ISIS-inspired plan to “emulate the Boston Marathon bombers” and “set off a bomb at a college campus” — allegations linked to charges to which he pleaded not guilty today.

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In the spring of 2005, at age 13, Alexander Ciccolo was suspended and nearly expelled from a public school in Wareham after he was accused of striking another student and a teacher with drumsticks, according to probate records pertaining to his parents’ divorce. Months later he was arrested by Wareham Police after he told a classmate “he was going to kill him,” and lunged at the student with a butterfly knife.

By then, Ciccolo had missed so many days of school the Wareham School Department filed what is known in Massachusetts as a CHINS – or Child In Need of Services – complaint to the Department of Social Services which opened an investigation into his mother, who had full custody.

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