Karen De Coster
January 11, 2013

The Scaremongerers have been busy creating a flu “crisis” which has caused the masses to panic to the point of descending upon hospital emergency rooms for … flu symptoms.

The hospitals in Boston have been overwhelmed, said Jim Heffernan, chief of primary care at Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. His hospital is full, he said, the emergency room “overflowing because there aren’t enough places to put people. It just snowballs.”

On Monday, Beth Israel got 400 more calls than normal to its urgent-care hotline, spokeswoman Kelly Lawman said. “We had to open a new unit to accommodate all the patients.”

Boston’s mayor actually declared a “flu emergency.” Are Americans the laughingstock of the world, or are other western cultures following us over the idiot cliff? The rest of this article from USA Today drones on and on to propagandize about flu deaths and the need for a flu shot to prevent death.

Meanwhile, more nurses were fired for refusing to allow arbitrary political bilge to invade their bodies that they own and protect.

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