Boston Dynamics has released footage of its dog-like robot “SpotMini” locating and opening an unlocked door.

Video published online Monday by the company, which was recently sold by Google to Japan’s Softbank, shows the robot using a new attachment to not only open a door but allow his fellow SpotMini to walk through.

While details on the robot’s new abilities remain slim, Internet users were quick to conjure up imagery of a despotic robot-led future.

“Why does Boston Dynamics seemingly brag about being the developers of our future mass murderers and robot overlords?” one Twitter user quipped.

“Boston Dynamics is going to be the end of us all, and the last remaining humans will be wondering how we didn’t see it coming,” another said.

“This is one of the most terrifying things I’ve seen in all my life,” a journalist tweeted.

Boston Dynamics’ latest video follows numerous others that have evoked similar reactions from the public.

In November of last year, the company’s human-like “Atlas” robot was shown performing numerous maneuvers such as backflips.

Another creation, the 6.5 foot tall “Handle” robot, was shown jumping and carrying 100-pound objects last February.

Other robots include the original Spot, which can remain balanced while being repeatedly kicked, and a Cheetah-like robot capable of running more than 28 miles per hour.

Although Boston Dynamics’ human-like robots appear to be a long way from legitimate military application, robots have already begun to make their way onto the battlefield.

Relatively low-tech robots have been used with varying success in numerous combat zones such as Iraq and Syria.

Aside from the expanding use of unmanned aerial vehicles in combat, the U.S. Army late last year conducted its first live fire exercise using a remote-controlled ground combat vehicle equipped with a .50-caliber machine gun.

“It’s the first time that the Army has conducted an exercise with a ground robot providing fire,” Defense One reported last week. “It won’t be the last. Army leaders have asked for more exercises with bigger guns…”

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