The mayor of Boston wants doctors to ask patients if they have guns at their home.

Additionally, the Boston police commissioner said the goal is to also identify those at risk of “domestic violence, suicide or child access to guns.”

“The goal, Boston Police Commissioner William Gross said, is to identify those at risk for domestic violence, suicide or child access to guns in order to guide people to mental health counseling, resources or other help,” reported

The proposed legislation isn’t just for Boston, however; the mayor is trying to get this passed as a state law.

“The claim is the ownership of guns will not be put in a patients medical records. If not, then how will the ownership of guns help to ‘guide people to mental health counseling, resources, or other help’?” Asked gun journalist Dean Weingarten. “Maybe the information will be stored somewhere else.”

Weingarten also suggested that the proposed law follows “the same basic fallacy: They assume that firearms only have bad effects. They fail to consider positive effects.”

“Requiring doctors to ask patients about gun ownership stigmatizes gun ownership,” he added. “It is a way of chilling the exercise of Second Amendment rights.”

In 2014, the Obama administration was pressuring medical doctors to ask patients if they owned firearms.

“In essence, the feds are using their control of Medicare reimbursement to manipulate how your physician handles your personal health information,” wrote Dr. Mark Kestner for the Murfreesboro Post. “As part of that process, the doctors are required to seek the answers to a certain number of personal questions from all their patients, including asking about gun ownership.”

Doctors could then submit this data to a government database that was made available to government entities.

Also, in 2014, the New York State Police confiscated a Navy veteran’s guns after he received treatment for insomnia at a hospital due to anxiety.

“This is a well-developed, well-kempt [sic] male, dressed casually and in no acute distress,” the results of the veteran’s mental examination said. “He is calm, pleasant, cooperative.”

That didn’t stop police from confiscating the man’s firearms, and such incidents could have a chilling effect on people seeking medical treatment.

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