Kurt Nimmo
September 20, 2008

Once again, Joe Biden opened his mouth and inserted a foot, this time declaring paying taxes is somehow patriotic. Joe has a caveat, of course — only the “rich” will pay these new taxes. For Joe, the rich make over $250,000.

  Joe Biden demands the "rich" pay their fair share while the McCain campaign has a field day.

Joe, let’s talk reality here. $250,000 is not rich. In this day and age, with government and banker imposed inflation, funny money devaluation, and all kinds of taxes already in place, $250,000 is middle class, not rich.

Joe knows this, he also knows this sort of rhetoric will get the ill-educated plebs all worked up, those who make $40,000 or $20,000 per year. Socking it to the “rich” (upper middle class) always works like a charm. Meanwhile, the real rich will avoid taxes, as they always do.

It didn’t take long for the other side of the Banker Party to jump on this nonsense like white on rice. McPalin released a slick ad declaring the Democrat side of the Banker Party is notorious for leveling punitive taxes on the little guy. Of course, the Republicans have not lightened the load on the plebs. In fact, due to inflation and the Fed’s “monetary policy” — to say nothing of the staggering debt chalked up under Bush and the neocons — they have increased the pain.

As the We Op-Ed blog demonstrates, it does not matter if a Democrat or Republican is in office — the burden of taxation remains consistent. “Lesson: if you are poor, which party holds the white house makes no difference to your tax rate.” Even the third wealthiest man in the world, Warren Buffett, understands the middle class and poor get the short end of the stick. “Mr. Buffett said that he was taxed at 17.7 per cent on the $46 million he made last year, without trying to avoid paying higher taxes, while his secretary, who earned $60,000, was taxed at 30 per cent,” the Times Online reported last June.

McCain-Palin campaign ad exploiting Biden’s call for higher taxes.

But as Ron Paul has noted, it is not simply taxes that impose an unfair burden on most people, but rather spending. “Tax relief is important, but members of Congress need to back up tax cuts with spending cuts – and they need to vote NO on every wasteful appropriations bill until we start over with the federal budget. True fiscal conservatism combines both low taxes and low spending.”

However, the Banker Party, no matter what side of the aisle in the best little whorehouse on the Potomac it resides, is not fiscally conservative. Federal spending under the Bush administration has grown five times larger than that during the second term of the Clinton administration, according to Richard Viguerie. “If ever there was a case for divided government, here it is,” writes Viguerie in his latest book (Conservatives Betrayed: How George W. Bush and Other Big Government Republicans Hijacked the Conservative Cause). “The lesson for many Americans is that today’s Republicans cannot be trusted with the keys to both the executive and legislative branches of the federal government,” especially not neocon Republicans with their perpetual wars. In the first five years of the decider-commander’s reign, the federal government increased by $616 billion, more than the entire federal budget under Democrat Carter.

It’s a great deal for the privately owned Federal Reserve and the bankers loaning this money to the government — that is to say, funny money created out of thin air. As it now stands we are having a tough time even paying the interest on these loans, let alone touching the principle. In fact, in order to pay this interest the government has to borrow even more money, thus seriously compounding the indebtedness. Of course, the bankers set it up this way, so we’d be in debt forever.

Do you hear McPalin or Obiden talking about this? No way. Because they work for the bankers. Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase & Co., UBS, Merrill Lynch, and Citigroup own these guys. At least Obama’s CFR connected wife talks turkey about what we can expect — sacrifice, and a lot of it.

If they really wanted to save us instead of talking inane platitudes, they’d be calling for the elimination of the Federal Reserve as an unconstitutional criminal enterprise. They’d be calling for a raid on Wall Street, cleaning out the financiers and bankers, rounding up all the perps, and putting them on trial for treason and mega-grand theft larceny.

Of course, we may as well wish for a chartreuse polka dotted pony because this will not happened anytime soon. Ask the average American what the Federal Reserve is and he will probably tell you they deliver packages. He is almost completely lobotomized when it comes to money, where it comes from, and what it is doing to us.

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