J.H. Huebert
LRC Blog
February 18, 2008

In the months and years just after September 11, 2001, I loved taking the overnight Amtrak train from Chicago, where I was in law school, back home to Youngstown, Ohio.

Sure, Amtrak is a socialist enterprise that should be abolished immediately, but at least it had none of the security hassles associated with air travel: no bag screenings, no pat-downs, no confiscated bottles. In fact, I don’t even recall having to give anything other than my ticket to board.

Well, so much for that. Now Amtrak passengers will be subject to random bag searches and bomb- (and presumably drug-) sniffing dogs, with government thugs carrying automatic weapons patrolling the trains.

No doubt this will do wonders for Amtrak’s already-stellar business. I’ll just have to put more miles on my polluting car.

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