A Boynton Beach police officer is being charged with kidnapping and raping a 20-year-old woman who was a passenger in his patrol car.

Officer Stephen Maiorino was officially charged with armed sexual battery, armed kidnapping, and unlawful compensation or reward for official behavior. A criminal complaint was filed against Maiorino two weeks ago. But after a police investigation that included interviews, physical evidence, and DNA testing, official charges were filed, and Maiorino was placed under arrest Thursday.

The details in the probable-cause statement are lurid. According to that report, it all started after the victim’s friend was arrested for a DUI and his car was towed. With no ride, Maiorino offered to take the victim to the police department, where she could be picked up by her mother or sister. But once they got to the department, Maiorino wouldn’t let her leave the car. According to the report, he grabbed her and said that unless she performed oral sex on him, she would be arrested too.

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