Cassandra Anderson
June 18, 2010

Obama is not using his authority to stop the damage in the Gulf, but is more concerned with passing the Senate version of the Cap-and-Trade bill.

According to F. William Engdahl, author of ‘A Century of War’ about oil and politics, he states in his latest article from June 10th, that, “The Obama Administration and Senior BP officials are frantically working not to stop the world’s worst oil disaster, but to hide the true extent of the actual ecological catastrophe.” Engdahl says, “Coast Guard and Corps of Engineers experts estimate that if the ocean geyser is not stopped within 90 days, there will be irreversible damage to the marine eco-systems of the Gulf of Mexico, north Atlantic Ocean, and beyond”. The the lack of action has been beyond appalling in both the failure to stop the oil spew and the cleanup.(1)

In a communication with Mr. Engdahl, he wrote that the urgent priority is to stop the flow of the deep channel undersea, which he characterized as colossal and apocalyptic, particularly since Obama and BP show no signs of interest in doing this.

The oil flow has been repeatedly underestimated, Obama refused help from foreign oil skimming ships, chemical dispersant was used to submerge the oil and kept out of the public’s sight, the EPA has engaged in delaying approval for cleanup products use, local workers have been turned away from the site and the media has been shut out. It appears that BP and Obama want this devastating situation to continue.

Despite BP’s claims that no one has been barred from access to the media, a local Louisiana news crew arrived on a cleanup site and were met by security guards who would not allow them interviews with the workers. See the confrontation here:

In a video produced by actor Edward James Olmos, he speaks with local Louisiana residents about BP’s clean up “efforts” and the delay tactics that BP has employed. Here is what they said:

How could BP possibly benefit from this disaster? F. William Engdahl asserts that “peak oil” is a myth. Oil prices can be kept high when oil is scarce, so it is not in the financial interest of oil companies to drill and develop more oil which would decrease oil prices. Obama has now placed a moratorium on offshore drilling. While the Gulf travesty will cost BP billions of dollars, it is a pittance compared to their usual large profits. With limits on offshore drilling and future laws preventing energy independence, the price of oil is likely to rise. It is BP’s responsibility to stop the oil geyser and to pay for the cleanup. Those who are hindering the process should be arrested.

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According to G. Edward Griffin, it is not the role of the government to repair oil leaks and clean up spills unless the damage is such that it endangers the lives or property of its citizens, which is the case at present. Therefore, the government now has a primary responsibility in coping with this disaster. Federal and State legislatures have the authority to call for the arrest and prosecution of anyone who is hindering the repair and cleanup of the oil spill, including BP executives and those holding government office.

Obama is not using his authority to stop the damage in the Gulf, but is more concerned with passing the Senate version of the Cap-and-Trade bill, called the American Power Act, per his speech on June 16th. He also heavily promoted ‘clean energy’ like solar and wind power that are inefficient and unrealistic at this time (Spain’s economy was decimated when they invested in solar and wind). This is classic Agenda 21, using the environment as the excuse to implement total control. Obama’s control over the military has expanded, especially with the US Coast Guard, he has gained financial control over National Disaster funding for the states and he has the coercive power of the military to force BP to pay for the oil gusher mess, as well as the authority to direct BP’s actions for repair and cleanup. Yet he has been remiss in in using this power toward effective solutions.

Cleanup efforts have been thwarted by environmental regulations as the legacy of our environmental laws are preventing cleanup action in the Gulf. It has been claimed that the toxic dispersant Corexit was used in order to break the oil up to make it easier fot bioremediation, which is a process of treating oil polluted areas with oil eating bacteria microbes. It would have been far less toxic to have used microbes from the beginning. The natural microbes are already EPA approved but are awaiting approval from states’ Departments of Environmental Quality.(2) This process appears promising and the sooner it is used, the better. Watch how these microbes go to work and and how they have been used in other spills with this video from (3):

Bioremediation Inc. is one company that uses natural organic microbes and has approval from Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection, according to their website.(4) Florida’s Governor, Charlie Crist is considering using patented genetically modified bacterial microbes from Osprey Biotechnics, which is awaiting environmental approval. It is interesting to note that the original GMO patent on life was for an oil eating microbe created by Chakrabarty for General Electric.

BP guaranteed $20 billion in relief money under pressure from Obama for Gulf residents whose livelihoods have been affected and the Obama Administration appointed Kenneth Feinberg, a Council on Foreign Relations member, to administer the money. Feinberg has a record of incompetency as a financial administrator with protracted settlements for 9/11 First Responders and preventing lawsuits from the families of 9/11 victims as well as delaying compensation for the victims of Katrina.

Obama has also used this time of crisis to pass an exceptionally intrusive Executive Order for lifestyle modification and implementation of Codex Alimentarius, a United Nations program to regulate food and health supplements, all in the name of protecting our health.(5)

Further, the federal government is expanding its powers and further hindering action through the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the EPA and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). The federal government is usurping power over state and local jurisdictions; for instance, the Coast Guard which has military power, prevented oil vacuuming barges from operating in Louisiana on Thursday. Watch as Louisiana Governor Jindal reacts to the federal power grab:

Because the federal government has the power of the checkbook for relief aid, it makes the affected states become dependent on the federal disaster money. States are also expanding their power: an example of this is in an article that details how federal aid is to be spent by Louisiana that includes funds for Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, with provisions for “maritime security and crime prevention and protection”.(6)

State and local governments do have authority over some jusrisdictions and can implement cleanup, but they have no authority over the oil leak. There are really 2 enormous messes in America, the most dangerous one is the corrupt Washington DC politicians’ hidden agenda that continues to allow the catastrophe in the Gulf to flourish. Because the people have no power to force BP to perform, we are stuck with Obama’s and Congress’ planned ineptitude and lack of trasparency. The second mess in the Gulf is the continually flowing oil with no clear plan to stop it. Remember this in the November elections.

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