June 20, 2010

From the America Blog today:

It’s starting to look like Capricorn One over at BP. In addition to a photo of the oil spill crisis command center that BP faked on their Web site, an astute reader found yet another photo of the crisis response that has been faked by BP. This one is of the “top kill” effort to stop the spill a month or so ago. Above and below are parts of the photo that show that BP, yet again, inserted a fake screen behind its employees to make them look busier, or something.

How many other crisis response photos from BP have been faked? Did they fake any videos?

Demonstrating that the corporate media is no longer capable of providing investigative journalism on its own, the Washington Post picked up the story today. The Operation Mockingbird asset, as should be expected, made excuses for BP’s sloppy Photoshop work:

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Scott Dean, a spokesman for BP, said that there was nothing sinister in the photo alteration and provided the original unaltered version. He said that a photographer working for the company had inserted the three images in spots where the video screens were blank.

And why were the screens blank? “In this case they copied and pasted three ROV screen images in the original photo over three screens that were not running video feeds at the time,” Scott Dean, a spokesman for BP, told the Post.

In addition, meta information embedded in the photos reveal they were created almost a decade ago, in 2001. “It looks like BP took a photo from 2001, and in order to make it look like the command center in July of 2010, they pasted pictures of the oil well leaking over the old photo,” reports America Blog.

If BP faked images, is it possible they also faked the containment the corporate media is now lauding?

In June, a BP operator said in an interview that the corporation’s telephone disaster center is a sham:

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