July 9, 2010

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LAS VEGAS – New figures show BP Oil is falling short of what it promised it could do to clean up spilled oil in the Gulf of Mexico. BP told federal regulators it would be able to collect nearly half a million barrels of oil each day in the event of a spill, but has managed to gather a mere 900 barrels per day since the spill began 77 days ago.

The Gulf might seem like a long way from Nevada, but our state has also been on the receiving end of BP promises, and they didn’t work out well either.

The lake outside of Yerington is a mile long and 800 feet deep, but you wouldn’t want to take a dip in its turquoise waters. This gigantic pit is the centerpiece of 80 years of copper mining at the 3,400-acre site. The Anaconda Mine had several owners. It was essentially abandoned ten years ago, leaving behind high levels of radiation in the rocks, as well as arsenic, acids, and other toxins that leach into the groundwater and blow into the air as dust.

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