Brazilian lawmakers are accelerating impeachment proceedings against President Dilma Rousseff as a growing court battle prevents her newly-appointed chief of staff from defending her in Congress.

The lower house could vote on whether to impeach Rousseff in the lower house in about a month, speaker Eduardo Cunha told reporters in Brasilia, reducing his previous forecast of 45 days. “If we have quorum during all working days, we can vote in the weeks of April 20 or April 27,” he said.

A number of court injunctions have stopped Luiz Inacio da Silva from taking a job in Rousseff’s cabinet, dashing hopes that the former president would use his political abilities to rebuild the government coalition and defuse the impeachment threat.

The first injunction against Lula’s nomination was issued by a federal judge just one hour after his swearing-in ceremony on Thursday. It was later struck down by a higher-court judge but the legal battle is set to continue, with several others cases being considered all over the country, including in the Supreme Court.

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