Brazilian President Michel Temer’ administration became the laughing stock of the country’s Internet users after the passwords for its social media accounts were accidentally leaked to the public.

The incident occurred when government website Portal Brasil posted a message on Twitter about the National Guard presence in the Rio Grande do Norte state.

However, the tweet also contained a link to a file on Google drive containing passwords to all of the social media accounts used by the presidential administration.

Needless to say, this blunder caught the attention of Brazil’s netizens, who were especially amused by the administration’s Facebook password, ‘planaltodotemer2016’ (Palácio do Planalto is the official workplace of the President of Brazil) which was marked as ‘never to be changed’.

“The password was planaltodotemer2016.” Temer’s Planalto. Temer is such a usurper that he even claimed Planalto as his! Just took it. Grabbed it.”

Netizens advised President Temer to instead use passwords like “Down with Temer!” and “Temer the Usurper.”

“Even the password sounds like a coup: ‘planaltodotemer2016’. It’s like when a child steals a ball and says ‘That’s my ball’.  Stolen Planalto, scoundrel and a coup!”

The Twitter account password was also deemed amusing by the Internet users.

“The Planalto Twitter password was ‘4c3ss4rpl4n4alt0’. Truly there’s no way to defend it.”

The presidential administration’s press service claimed that the passwords were leaked due to a mistake made by a contractor hired to work on social media.

According to the press service, all passwords have already been changed and the government will make sure that such incidents do not occur in the future, while the contractor responsible for the leak was suspended.

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