A Missouri doctor has divulged to Infowars that hospitals in his area may be deliberately downplaying the number of patients exhibiting Ebola-like symptoms, leading to speculation that the virus could possibly be wider spread than previously thought.

With a new potential case of Ebola cropping up in New York City, and with the Obama administration still refusing to acknowledge the extent of the current outbreak, Infowars’ Obola: Tyranny is the Disease contest is one of the best ways to exercise your First Amendment right to voice your disapproval of the president’s mishandling of the crisis.

There’s only one day left to help wake the public to Obama’s role in the great Ebola debacle by participating in Infowars’ latest contest: “#Obola: #TyrannyIsTheDisease.”

Film yourself putting posters up in lawful areas and you could win big bucks!

First prize wins $5,000 by producing a poster and a video of its placement in a lawful public commons area. Second prize wins $2,000 and third prize wins $500.

The poster should stress the term #Obola, or lampoon the word #Ebola by switching the letter “o” out for Obama’s familiar rising sun logo, and must include the “Infowars.com” web address.

Infowars is providing a few examples of posters to choose from (also below), however, we also encourage you to get creative and come up with your own motif. Make the poster about Ebola and guns, vaccines, war, etc.; the sky’s the limit.

This contest is similar to the “Stop Dictator Obama” contest we ran a few years back.

Watch a sample contest entry below to get an idea of what we’re looking for:

Make sure you read all of the rules to ensure your entry is eligible.

Send entries with your Facebook and Twitter info to [email protected].

Contest ends October 24 at midnight with the winner to be announced on October 31.

Infowars poster ideas are below (click for larger images):


Download large version


Download large version


Download large version

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