After being kicked off every major social media platform in 2018, including YouTube, Alex Jones still made it onto the top 100 searches for YouTube in America this year.

New statistics released by AHREFS blog show the top 100 searches in the U.S. and worldwide as well as other stats.

Check out the full list here!

Alex Jones being searched for more than Fox News, MSNBC, Rachel Maddow, Ben Shapiro and others proves the American public is desperate for the truth and is not going along with big tech censorship.

For example, coming in at number 40, Alex Jones received 1,990,000 monthly searches compared to liberal comedian Jimmy Kimmel’s 1,370,000.

These type of stats are exactly why the elite started a massive purge of conservative and pro-Trump voices online starting before the 2018 midterms and will not stop until they regain total control.

Meanwhile, as Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson points out, the YouTube pages of white supremacist David Duke and the controversial Louis Farrakhan are still operating.

The fact that Duke’s page is still available proves YouTube has no intention of preventing “hate speech” as they claimed when pulling down Infowars’ pages.

Check out the video content that got Alex Jones banned from Twitter by CLICKING HERE and be sure to spread this link to join the fight against big tech.

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