Kurt Nimmo
November 19, 2010

Jesse said he will no longer be forced by the TSA to prove he is not a criminal or terrorist.

Appearing on the Alex Jones Show today, the former governor of Minnesota and host of the popular TruTV show, Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, announced he will no longer use commercial airlines due to the egregious abuses of the TSA and the government.

Ventura said he made the decision to avoid public aircraft after he found himself becoming too comfortable with being routinely searched. He said he was subjected to pat down and search three or four times a week when he traveled for his television show. Ventura had hip surgery and the metal in his body invariably sets off airport metal detectors.

Jesse said he will no longer be forced by the TSA to prove he is not a criminal or terrorist. He refuses to be considered guilty until proven innocent by the government in violation of the Fourth Amendment. He also admitted the decision not to fly may put an end to his career.

Excerpted Quotes from Jesse Ventura’s Radio Statement

“I feel that as a former governor, a former mayor, an honestly discharged [Vietnam] Navy veteran, that I can’t live with myself and subject myself that every time I go to an airport I have to prove that I am not a murderer, I have to prove I am not guilty of anything, I have to prove I won’t hijack a plane. I find it ridiculous and so for my own personal choice I will not fly a commercial airliner or subject myself to that again.”

“It probably means an end to my career.”

“I wish no ill will on my country. I am a patriot to my country. And yet I am subjected and treated like I might hijack a plane or I might blow up and murder people. And I take offense to that, Alex.”

You’re also being x-rayed… Now if you’re flying four times a week, I don’t care how much they tell you how little radiation you’re getting. You start multiplying that out four, five, six times a week, 52 weeks out of the year maybe, then in five years from now I get some brain tumor and everyone is going to say ‘Gee, how did that happen?’ … So I don’t want to go in those things [naked body scanners].”

“I think you’re exactly right, Alex. I think they are doing this to prepare us.”

“In a free society, I was getting too comfortable being searched… I finally said I can’t do this anymore and keep my sanity. I believe in freedom and I believe nobody has the right to search you for any reason in our country unless they have probable cause that you’ve committed a crime and they’ve got a warrant.”

After the Department of Homeland Security announced the TSA will conduct “enhanced” pat downs of people opting out of naked body scanners following the toner non-bombing fiasco earlier in the month, the Drudge Report teamed up with Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com to cover exploding public resistance to the new effort by the government to normalize the populace to ever-increasing police state tactics.

Resistance to airport Gestapo zones gained critical momentum after pilots and flight attendants opposed searches and threatened to sue the government. “Nationwide outrage against the TSA is not only bringing to light new cases of airport abuse, it’s throwing fresh attention on previous incidents that have been going on for years,” Paul Joseph Watson wrote on Thursday.

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Several people have initiated lawsuits against the government, including a 21-year-old college student from Amarillo, Texas, who had her breasts exposed by a TSA goon and a businessman and frequent traveler who is infuriated by TSA workers sexually groping passengers, squeezing breasts and genitals, that he has filed a lawsuit in federal court in Miami requesting an injunction against the TSA to prevent them from touching private areas without reasonable suspicion.

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