Editor’s note: As we’ve reported a month ago – and in Trump’s own statements – the fact is, the investigation is essentially over and nothing substantial has been found – that’s the FBI’s very own findings. They found no concrete evidence of any collusion by anyone in the Trump administration, and this was leaked exclusively to One America News Network. The president has already signaled this but the investigation is going to want a couple of dubious indictments at the end using process charges to give the appearance of at least some criminality.

One America News has been extended unprecedented first-hand knowledge into the inside workings of Robert Mueller’s Russian collusion investigation, and the latest status after a year and a half ongoing efforts.

One America staff reporters have spent over five hours reviewing detailed, behind close doors, investigation questioning from those in the room.

Our sources tell us:

1. Mueller’s investigators have been focused on determining whether there was direct or indirect communications with WikiLeaks and Russian sources loosely associated with the 2016 Trump campaign.

Specifically, Mueller’s team has been aggressively drilling down to determine if there was any advance knowledge of anyone remotely associated with the Trump campaign, and advanced notice of the leaked DNC documents and hacked John Podesta’s email.

Mueller”s investigation team has thoroughly investigated all known possible individuals with potential advanced knowledge of the leaked documents. A number of individuals have been interrogated, some multiple times to date. Documents in at least the hundreds of thousands have been reviewed. Computer equipment has been reviewed by top electronic forensic teams, and a long list of individuals have been subpoenaed and interrogated.

The list includes well known names such as Steve Bannon, Dr. Jerome Corsi, Tandy Credico, Theodore “Ted” Roosevelt Malloch, Sam Nunsberg, and Roger Stone.

Our sources tell us that Mueller’s investigators have aggressively interrogated these individuals and have used common coercion tactics with the threat of perjury charges unless unfettered cooperation was extended.

Investigators have honed into a tweet by Roger Stone, dated August 21, 2016. The email stated it will “soon be the Podesta’s time in the barrel.”

On October 7, almost 6 weeks after Stone’s email, WikiLeaks released the hacked emails of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta.

The implication is that Roger Stone knew well in advance that the Podesta emails were hacked and would be released.

There is no credible evidence indicating that Roger Stone or any other individuals loosely associated to the Trump 2016 campaign had any advance knowledge of the WikiLeak, DNC and Podesta emails.

The investigation is wrapping up regarding Roger Stone’s possible collusion with no findings.

Possible indictments for perjury are unfounded and based on memory lapse, a common challenge faced by the most experienced investigators.

One America News was with Corsi and his attorney for five hours on Friday as he expected to be arrested for threatened perjury charges. Corsi stated that a faulty long term memory isn’t perjury.

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