The Texas Democratic Party is asking noncitizens to register to vote and is even sending out applications to immigrants with the citizenship checkbox marked “Yes,” according to legal complaints filed Thursday.

The Texas secretary of state’s office has received “a pretty large number” of reports from immigrants and from relatives of dead people who were mailed applicants asking them to register, the Washington Times reported.

Additionally, the Public Interest Legal Foundation warned district attorneys and the Justice Dept. about the mailings.

“This is how the Texas Democratic Party is inviting foreign influence in an election in a federal election cycle,” said Logan Churchwell of the Public Interest Legal Foundation.

Many of the mailings were apparently sent to Hidalgo and Starr counties, both of which are border counties that typically lean left.

“The foundation said the origin of noncitizen voting is usually motor vehicle bureaus, where people are encouraged to register and often ignore or miss the admonition that they must be citizens,” the Washington Times also reported. “In this case, though, the invitations were sent directly by a political party.”

The Washington Times said the state Democratic Party has yet to respond to its inquiries.

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