Tim Kennedy has long been in middleweight title contention since his move to the UFC, and with title implications on the line at UFC 205, the winner could position themselves for a shot at UFC gold.

With big fights being rumored for the long-awaited New York City event, active qualified Ranger, Green Beret & Special Forces sniper Tim Kennedy will return to the UFC Octagon.

After a highly controversial loss to the #10th ranked UFC middleweight contender Yoel Romero back in September 2014, Tim Kennedy has just officially announced live on Infowars his return to the organization’s 205th pay-per-view event.

Kennedy will be facing the former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans in a middleweight bout on November 12 at Madison Square Garden.

With the multiple political complications in legalizing mixed martial arts in New York, the return to the most historic arena could turn out to be the largest event in UFC history.

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