Update: Clarification and correction of first reports

Last Saturday night at a Trump campaign event in Reno, Nevada, it was first reported by people on the ground that a man was subdued after people in the crowd yelled that he had a gun.

It has since come out that Chicago native Austyn Crites, who was holding up a sign that said “Republicans Against Trump,” was unarmed when tackled during the hysteria.

The police and Secret Service took Crites into custody and confirmed he was unarmed after he had inadvertently been accused of being armed.

This event clarifies why it is so dangerous that Hillary Clinton was caught in emails released by WikiLeaks sending in provocateurs to stir up Trump rallies.

An individual named Michael Steven Sandford did in fact attempt to assassinate Trump in Las Vegas last June. Sandford tried to grab a police officer’s holstered firearm but failed.

Journalists from outlets such as the New York Times who had called for the assassination of Trump only helped fuel the hysteria that led to the accidental detainment of Crites.

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