It pays to breast-feed – for babies. When they grow up, that steady diet of breast milk may boost their monthly income by up to 39%, according to a new report.

Researchers tracked down nearly 3,500 Brazilian adults who were enrolled in a study within days of their birth in 1982. Back in the ’80s, interviewers had asked their mothers how long their children were breast-fed and how old they were when they were introduced to other foods.

At the time, breast-feeding wasn’t associated with any particular socioeconomic class in Brazil, the study authors said. That was true of the families in this study – 21% of the children nursed for less than one month and 17% nursed for more than a year. (Among the rest, 26% were breast-fed for one to three months, 23% for three to six months, and 14% for six to 12 months.)

Fast-forward to 2012. Those children are now 30-year-olds with jobs.

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